Developers will soon be able to implement VR and AR experiences into Chrome for Android

Virtual reality apps and experiences are great, but each experience can take up quite a significant amount of storage on your device. For those will lower capacity handsets, it can often be nearly impossible to fill up your phone with every VR experience you would like to have with you at any one time. Especially with things like music, apps, and other files bogging down storage, where do you put these new experiences that can take you to far off worlds? Now, you can put them in Chrome.

At Google I/O 2017, the team announced the ability to run a number of AR/VR experiences right inside the Chrome browser. Developers can implement these features as they see fit, which would make it easier to direct people to your website and immediately have some sort of AR/VR experience. Not only is this incredibly interesting for users, but it adds an extra level of simplicity that would be much more bogged down otherwise. Developers can even add Daydream remote compatibility, so you’ll be able to utilize the full stack of what Google Daydream has to offer, right in Chrome.

Tango-supported devices will also have to ability to take advantage of these features, meaning that Chrome can activate your camera and display augmented objects right in the window. With Tango-enabled devices getting smaller and smaller as years go by, it won’t be long before we start seeing this features enabled in a variety of mainstream handsets.

Interested to try out the feature? You can take advantage of the AR browser options in the most recent experimental build of Chrome, while the VR capabilities should be hitting later this summer.

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