Dungeons & Dragons games are coming to VR and AR in the future

Dungeons & Dragons remains one of the biggest and most well known gaming franchises in the world. Now there’s word that the current owners of D&D are looking to expand it to even more gaming properties, including VR and AR.

In a recent blog post, Chris Cocks, the president of Wizards of the Coast, announced that the company has hired veteran video and PC gaming executive David Schwartz. Cocks said Schwartz will lead and build a new publishing team that will “explore partnerships and collaboration” with other companies to bring D&D and Wizards’ other game properties like Magic: The Gathering “to unexpected settings, genres, and platforms”

Cocks offered an example of what kind of games might come from this new team, asking what it might be like for players to “quest for treasure with your friends in a D&D augmented-reality game?” It sound very much like Cocks wants to see D&D titles released for these new immersive video game platforms.

Obviously, it’s still very early to predict what specific games can come from this effort, but we can certainly speculate that D&D games with VR headsets could allow players to see and fight mind-flayers, rust monsters or, yes, even dragons with a virtual dice roll and high class skills. An AR mobile game in the style of Pokemon Go might also be very popular, with players going on adventures in their hometown.


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