This VR arcade cabinet brings sensory immersion to virtual reality



Some theme parks have what they call ‘4D’ rides, which jostle the seat around in a theater while you are watching a short video or film. This is meant to add a level of immersion that you just can’t achieve while siting stationary, since it will often be imitating a roller coaster or sense of movement present in the video. This experience is pretty immersive within itself, as your body is feeling almost exactly what you are seeing on the screen, pumping the realism of the experience right into your brain. Add in virtual reality to the mix however, and now you’ve got an almost completely realistic experience that essentially masks the fact that it is not actually happening.

Developer Koei Tecmo Wave have developed what they believe is a new way to get the most realistic experience possible out of virtual reality. The team is using a special arcade cabinet which seats users in a confined chamber where they are subjected to many of the elements present in the experiences in the virtual world. There are 3 different titles the team has developed for the cabinet so far, all with special properties to help suck the user into the experience.

The first is called Gi Jokey Sense, which seats players atop racing horses in a derby. The machine uses a vibrating seat with wind, rain, and snow to imitate what is going on in the game, and should be almost as realistic as riding the horse yourself.

Second is a horror title called Horror Sense. This game is apparently very similar to Resident Evil, with the seat being jostled to imitate scares and objects falling from the ceiling to give the impression of bugs making their decent onto the floor.

The third and final game in the cabinet now is a new VR version of Dynasty Warriors, which the team says will let you “feel the fire and heat in the middle of war”. This will likely use some sort of heater as well as rumbling to put you in the center of the battlefield landscape, and should be quite a thrilling experience indeed.

While there has been no pricing details announced as to how much these units will cost, the company have confirmed that they will be showing it off at the Japan Amusement Expo 2017 starting on February 10th.

Would you be interested in trying one of these at your local arcade? Let us know in the comments below!

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