VR Girlfriends? Yes, that’s a thing now..


In our seemingly endless expansion of practical VR use cases, there are a few which rise to the top as slightly less than practical, while still being interesting business opportunities for those involved. We’ve explored a few of these strange experiences such as Japan’s virtual reality sex suit, but what about something for those looking for a slightly more intimate experience? Enter AliceX.

AliceX is a virtual reality “girlfriend” service which gives users a set amount of time with an actual woman, to discuss their feelings and rant their hearts out. The site offers a range of different experiences, from talking about daily life to sexually charged interactive experiences. The site is open 24/7, so if you just need to talk to someone in virtual reality at 4 in the morning, this site might have something to offer.

The site projects real people atop rendered background scenes, in order to suit the customers preferred location. Though most of the scenes are based on more simple locations such as bedrooms and living rooms, we’re sure there are probably some more wacky options as well. If you want to talk to someone atop the heights of Mount Everest, this will likely be an option.

Virtual reality adds yet another layer of realism to this type of experience, blurring the lines between reality and actually being in a room with a person. These types of services have existed in the past, but in wholly different formats. If you wanted to visit someone to talk about your life, you could do that. If you preferred to do this process over the phone, that was also an option. With AliceX, both are available in one package, which may be more suitable for some specific users.

Though the experience is currently only available on Android devices, the company says there will be iOS and Oculus Rift support in the future. You can technically experience the site through an iOS device now, but you have to use a browser, as a dedicated app is still in the works.

If you are interesting in trying out the experience, the company is entering new users into a contest to win a Zeis VR One headset, as well as 30 minutes free with anyone available on the site.

Disclaimer: We are not promoting this site in any way, simply reporting its existence. It is up to the user if they wish to act on the information we have provided.


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