You can make Google Cardboard out of anything — even graham crackers

When Google released their Cardboard headset to the masses, it helped to showcase how ridiculously inexpensive consumer virtual reality could become. Over the next few months, multiple companies produced their own inexpensive versions of the Cardboard concept, and even began using it as a form of marketing, printing logos on the headsets and handing them out to consumers. Other more premium phone based mobile VR solutions have popped up since then to fill the gap between cheap as dirt Cardboard and expensive desktop based solutions, but Google Cardboard and its clones still seem to serve a very special place in our heart — largely because they are super cheap too make.

If you thought a regular Cardboard headset was cheap though, you haven’t seen MAKE’s Graham Cracker VR headset.

Using less ingredients than a gingerbread house, the company’s visor uses frosting, graham crackers and 2 simple lenses to create the exact same experience as a regular Google Cardboard viewer, only this one is edible. MAKE is saying their solution has no loss in quality, meaning you can make your own with just those few ingredients and an exacto knife. That’s a pretty cool idea, and shows just how versatile Google Cardboard really is. Just like foldable paper craft, Cardboard is really more of an idea than a physical product, and works more off of the shape of the headset and the software on the phone.

While you could certainly whip up a graham cracker headset up and use it over the next few months, we would probably recommend that you get a non-edible solution that lasts a bit longer — because this headset gets a little stale after a while (bad joke, we know). Still, this is a cool little project, and it’s neat that you are even able to do it at all. Now that we’ve seen graham cracker and frosting, it wouldn’t be completely out of the ordinary to see some different culinary projects being whipped up. Possible contenders include bread, fruit, or whatever new type of meat-based monstrosity Epic Meal Time decides to make in their next episode.

Got any ideas for your own headset? Want to try MAKE’s solution yourself?

via: Gizmodo

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