VR Lens Lab brings prescription lenses to Rift and Vive

VR Lens Labs, the same company that brought you VR Cover and Guass Eyewear, is a Kickstarter campaign that aims to deliver prescription lens holders for the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive to allow consumers to bring their prescription lenses into VR.

VR Lens Lab has created a unique holder that simply fits over the headsets optics for the Rift and Vive therefore allowing the operator to use the headset without glasses. The trouble with contraptions like VR headsets is that you’ll cram your expensive glasses into the headset potentially scratching or bending them, with VR Lens Lab’s solution this is resolved.

“Ergonomics and comfort are essential for truly enjoying virtual reality experiences and our goal is to offer hassle-free, affordable eyewear solutions for all major virtual reality headsets now, and in the future. Six out of ten people in the developed world wear glasses, that’s why we believe our glasses for VR headsets can benefit many VR enthusiasts who want the best VR experiences possible today,”

The new prescription lens holders for the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift will be able to accommodate prescriptions ranging from +6.0 to -6.0 dpt, which can be obtained directly from Gauss Eyewear for €49 ($56 USD). VR Lens Lab is offering adapters without prescription lenses for €19/$22 that will allow you to source your own lenses from your preferred Opticians.

The Kickstarter campaign is aiming to reach their €5,000/$5700 funding and, if successful, plan to begin shipping their first adapters worldwide in early June 2016. Head on over to check out the VR Lens Lab Kickstarter now.


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  1. http://www.vr-lens.eu -> this is a german company and they do the same, without distorion. On reddit many people are much more happy with the lenses from vr-lens.eu than with the lens lab lenses

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