VR Platformer Ven VR Adventure Will Arrive on Quest on August 12th

Ven VR Adventure
Source: Monologic Games

After revealing Quest 2 gameplay footage this July, the developers of third-person VR platformer Ven VR Adventure can finally share the exact date when the game becomes available on the Quest platform: August 12th.

Ven VR Adventure is developed by Monologic Games, a small independent studio located in Mikołów, Poland. The game first launched on Oculus PC in December 2020, and it shortly after became available on Steam. The Oculus PC version is currently rated 4.2 stars out of 5, while 88 percent of all reviews of the Steam version are positive.

As a player, your goal is to guide a creature called Ven, who is an intergalactic police officer, as he travels to save his friends, who have been trapped by dangerous space invaders and the game’s chief villain, Bruce Nelson.

Because the entire game takes place in a third-person perspective, it’s perfect for players who have limited to no prior experience with virtual reality and are afraid of experiencing motion sickness. Instead of having a fixed viewport of your character, you can freely look around in every direction, lean forward/backward, and zoom in and out to explore the detailed world the way that suits you the most.

While Ven VR Adventure doesn’t take much time to beat (you can expect anywhere between four to six hours of gameplay to get through the main story), it offers a lot of replayability, allowing you to finish each level in a time trial mode and compare your performance against global leaderboards.

When Ven VR Adventure becomes available on the Quest platform, it will cost $30—the same price it currently costs on other platforms.

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