Sex-based games could be the ‘killer’ app VR needs in Japan

Sex-based video games used to be all the rage in Japan until piracy surged in popularity and almost obliterated the industry. Now, in the new age of virtual entertainment, a few companies are looking to bring Japan’s interactive errotica back to the glory days.

Companies such as ImagineVR are hoping to reclaim the industry that used to thrive so intensely in Japan. Kafuji Sato, co-producer at ImagineVR says that the demand for adult video games still exists, it’s just much harder to make a living when piracy has become so rampant across the nation. Being a video game developer is hard in any market, and the adult video game market takes the word niche to a whole new level.

“There is still high demand for adult games, but piracy makes it difficult for companies to sustain their business.”

Fortunately for consumers and developers alike, online access to virtual reality experiences are becoming all the more commonplace. Assuming the technology makes it through the next couple of years and emerges as a mainstream, there is hope for a bounceback of the industry in Japan. Companies like Pornhub in America are already cashing in on ad-based virtual porn experiences for their users, allowing those with headsets to experience the medium in a much more interactive way than before.

Though porn is one of the biggest industries in the world, porn-based video games are a medium that could elevate the experience to an even more interactive level. One such game titled BeacHouSeX puts the user in the driver’s seat of a 3D animated world centered around errotica and sexual exploration. Being the first “Porn-VR” video game on the platform, there are high hopes that it should sell very well, and could help to bring the genre back to its former stature in the market. The game’s current form features only one area to explore, but the team has said it is planning on expanding the experience in the future.

In a nation filled with internet cafe’s, the new technology will likely spout a new market for home gaming pc’s in Japan, a space that appeared to be disappearing with the rising popularity of mobile and lightweight ultrabooks. The transition could not only change the market landscape in Japan, but could also mean the end of internet cafe gaming being such a representative part of the nation’s economy.

Depending on the popularity and level of piracy associated with the revamped genre, virtual reality could have an absolutely massive impact on the island country. To check out more about ImagineVR’s new game, check out their page here.


Via: Fortune


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