Report: 2.3 million AR and VR headsets shipped in Q1 of 2017

It’s no secret that AR and VR are beginning to ramp up in popularity. Companies all across the world are pouring cash into the technology to try and become the next big thing on the market, and sales numbers are showing it. A new report from the International Data Corporation shows that in the first quarter of 2017 alone shipments of AR and VR headsets reached 2.3 million units, a number that is estimated to reach 99.4 million by 2021.

You may think that many of these sales were driven by high-end virtual reality options like the Playstation VR, HTC Vive, or Oculus Rift, but it seems that it is quite the opposite. Of the 2.3 million total units shipped in this first quarter, 2/3 of them were mobile devices like the Samsung Gear VR, Google Daydream View, and others. This does make sense, since these units are much cheaper and more accessible than other options on the market, and can get into consumer hands much faster.

The Q1 breakdown is as follows:

  • Samsung – 21.5% (489.5k)
  • Sony – 18.8% (429k)
  • HTC – 8.4% (190.9k)
  • Oculus (Facebook) – 4.4% (99.3k)
  • TCL – 4% (91.3k)
  • Others – 43% (980k)

This is a pretty astounding number of products shipped, and reports show they are just getting started. If predictions are true, the next few years are going to see an absolute explosion in shipments of these headsets as they mature and become cheaper to produce and use.

Are you glad VR is finally starting to pick up in popularity? It certainly seems like a good time to be a headset manufacturer.

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