VRMark lets you check to see if your PC can handle running VR headsets


With some VR headsets like the HTC Vive and the Oculus Rift requiring a PC with some heavy hardware to run it, you might be unsure if your rig can handle the needs of these new devices. Futuremark, best known for their 3DMark benchmarking software, has released a new application, VRMark, which has been designed specifically for testing PCs for their virtual reality support.

VRMark includes two demos. One is the Orange Room, which Futuremark says lets users see if their PC runs at the minimal requirements needed for the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. The other is the Blue Room, which includes a higher degree of graphics details and allows you to see if your PC can run games on both headsets at their highest graphics settings. Both demos can be run while wearing a VR headset, or viewed on a monitor.

After the demos are run, VRMark shows you the final overall scores from your PC. In order to pass the benchmark goals, the PC that’s being tested has to meet or exceed the target frame rate without dropping frames. You can also check scores for  your PC’s GPU frequency, load and temperature. The benchmark also has what’s called Experience Mode, which offers a way to freely move in a VR scene from both demos on your own time, again either while wearing a headset or checking it out on a PC monitor.

Futuremark is offering a free version of VRMark that has just the Orange Room demo and Experience Mode, while the $19.99 Advanced Edition has both the Orange and Blue benchmark tests, plus more detailed hardware results and a way to customize the settings. For the next seven days, you can get the Advanced Edition for just $14.99.

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