Watch concerts from Live Nation in virtual reality

Concerts can be a lot of fun. The lights, crowd, and general energy of a concert can transform your music listening experience from a strictly passive one to one that is much more engaging. Unfortunately for a lot of people, these events can be both expensive as well as difficult to attend if you don’t live near a major metropolitan city. That’s why NextVR has decided to team up with Live Nation to bring you the full concert experience, right to the comfort of your own home.

The company has had a lot of success with previous virtual reality ventures such as Basketball, Golf, and Nascar, but it’s betting that concerts will be one of the best experiences its brought so far. The company is even planning on bringing 3D audio to the experience, which will really help to makes users feel like they’re part of the crowd. The duo of NextVR and Live Nation say they will be offering multiple viewpoints at each show, all the way from the last row at the back of the concert to physically on stage, where viewers can take a closer look into how musicians perform. The duo showed off a short demo reel featuring Cold Play to get users excited about the technology, and we have to say it looks like it is going to be an absolutely incredible use of virtual reality.

Live Nation says the experience will launch this summer on Samsung’s Gear VR headset, but there are other platforms coming soon. The company typically puts on over 25,000 shows per year, so you’ll likely have the opportunity to see your favorite artist performing in VR space. With that said, the official website has promised performances from Beyonce, Steely Dan, the Doobie Brothers and more, which means fans young and old should have the opportunity to see their favorite artists through the experience.

Are there any bands you hope make it on the bill?

via: Engadget

Photo Credit: Road to VR


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