WeedVR lets you shop for your favorite ganja in a VR storefront

Have you ever wished that you could sit in your home with a VR headset and order your favorite strain of weed at the same time? No? Well now you can!

Appropriately announced yesterday on 4/20/17, WeedVR is looking to make shopping for marijuana easier than ever by putting a virtual storefront right in your own home. The application transports you to a high-end shop, with multiple different strains of the herb available to examine and explore. If you find any particular strain that you find yourself wanting to order, the app will connect you with nearby dispensaries to make your final purchase and have it delivered.

The app is not currently available though it is listed as “coming soon”. The team is likely still attempting to get the legal logistics sorted out, since marijuana is still having a rough time getting legalized across the United States. Though some states have already made recreational use legal, others still list the drug as a felony offense, so WeedVR likely wants to make sure it is only available for sale in places that allow it.

Would you use this service if you had the chance? With all these instant satisfaction services popping up, we’ll likely never have to leave our houses again. You can pick up the application for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift when it launches later this year.


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