We went to the iMax VR experience

When iMax announced that they were opening their own VR arcade, we got pretty excited.

The new experience lets users come try out a variety of different virtual reality headsets such as HTC Vive and Star VR, and offers a number of different games and programs to help introduce the public to what virtual reality can really do. Those attending the arcade are treated to their own private pod where they have plenty of room to fully traverse in virtual space, so they won’t have to worry about bumping into walls or having their experience cut off in any way.

Our own Joshua Vergara decided to go see first hand what the arcade was all about, and he came away pretty blown away with the quality of the whole thing. He got a chance to try out various games that were being offered at the event, such as the new John Wick title that has been creating so much buzz recently, and overall thinks it was a positive experience.

We’ve created a video detailing exactly what it was like to take part in the experience however, so if you’re interested, make sure you view the video above to hear Josh’s thoughts in full.


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