The White House’s new AR app, 1600, starts when you look at the $1 bill


If you want to learn more about where the President of the U.S. lives and works, you can do it by looking at a $1 bill  . . . sort of. The White House Historical Association has launched the augmented reality app, dubbed 1600 (for the house’s real address at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington D.C.). To begin, all you have to do is launch the app and point a smartphone’s rear camera at the portrait of our first US President, George Washington, on a regular $1 bill.

Once that happens, the bill comes “alive” and turns into a full 3D model of the White House, but with a slightly cartoony art style. The app is clearly designed for kids, but it does offer a more unique way to learn about the history of the White House. You can move the smartphone to view the 3D model at different angles, which also triggers new animations like people going in and out or the President’s official helicopter flying around. There’s also some narration while you go through the app that does offer some real historical info on the White House.

Again, while the 1600 app is targeting young kids, it does show that AR apps could be a tool to help children learn more about a variety of subjects. The app is available to download now, for free, from the Google Play Store.


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