Windows Mixed Reality controllers revealed as part of Acer’s headset bundle

Microsoft has already announced that it is working with third-party PC hardware makers to release several Windows Mixed Reality headsets later this year. Today, as part of the company’s Build 2017 developers conference, Microsoft also revealed those PC-based headsets will support the use of new motion controllers as well.

The controllers, which look similar to the Oculus Touch design, will use an inside-out sensor array to track objects in the real world, just like the Windows Mixed Reality headsets. The sensors and cameras on the headset will be able to see the controllers in space, and this is supposed to allow them to track their motions, without the use of any external sensors that are required for the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift headsets.

At the moment, the only company that has confirmed it will sell these new motion controllers with its Windows Mixed Reality headset is Acer. Its bundle will be priced at $399 when it is released, which is much cheaper than the current prices for the Rift or Vive headsets.

In the meantime, Acer and HP are now taking pre-orders for their Windows Mixed Reality developer edition headsets on the US and Canadian Microsoft Store websites. Developers can get the Acer headset for $299 while the HP version costs $329. Shipments are expected to begin later this summer. Developers can then start making apps ahead of the consumer versions of those headsets, which are expected to be released sometime later this fall.

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