Developer actively working on VR title for Xbox One

Playstation already have revealed its hand when it comes to the Playstation VR but there is yet to be a response from the other major player in the console industry.

Microsoft’s Xbox One has continually received more features since its release and it seems that the company are gearing up to enable the console to have VR capabilities at E3 this year. According to Ars Technica, it was revealed in pre-E3 planning by a Developer and later confirmed by a PR representative that a “well-known European studio is planning a new VR game set in the universe of an established, long-running franchise”.

It also seems that judging by the game’s working title containing the word VR, that it won’t simply be a VR compatible game played in a virtual gaming studio, but a fully immersive and optimised virtual reality game.

The title is being lined up for release on PC and the PS4, as well as the Xbox One, but it’s expected according to the PR rep that the title will be demoed on a PC or PS4 at E3.

Microsoft haven’t been forthcoming with its plans to enter the virtual reality space and that might be due to the current Xbox One consoles not being powerful enough to cater for the demanding specs of VR. However, recent reports have surfaced that suggest Microsoft are planning on releasing an updated version of the console at E3 and it is this Xbox One that will be VR ready. The move towards VR makes sense to the company and the platform to ensure it remains on top of the console charts. It opens up the next level of gaming for those not interested in investing in a PC or Playstation 4 but still want to experience VR.

With E3 only a few weeks away, it seems certain that Microsoft have some exciting news planned for the Xbox One that will seemingly pave the way for virtual reality support in the future.

Source: Ars Technica


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