The XBOX One S controller could make Samsung’s Gear VR a whole lot better


Samsung’s Gear VR virtual reality headset is great. For just about $100 or less, users can experience high quality virtual reality content using nothing but their phone and the Gear VR HMD. Since the device is powered with the phone itself, however, controls are a bit strange. Through a combination of tilt and touch, users can swipe, click, and sway their way to victory in many of the applications offered by the computing giants Samsung and Oculus.

One of the biggest issues with Samsung’s Gear VR however, is its lack of control options. Though the touch controls present on the side of the headset are arguably better than most Google Cardboard headsets, lack of a more intuitive controller makes it a tough buy for the more traditional gamer. For games like Eve: Gunjack the swiping controls are fine, but if you’re playing something like Minecraft, a more traditional controller such as the XBOX One controller included with the Oculus Rift would be more useful. Unfortunately, up until now these controllers didn’t work with Samsung’s supported Android handsets. With the release of Microsoft’s new XBOX One S however, Bluetooth compatibility is about to give new life to these mobile titles.

Microsoft has just released an update to its new XBOX One S controllers to give users the ability to pair with the Bluetooth on a cell phone. Users can update their controllers through their XBOX One console or any Windows 10 PC, unlocking capabilities which were not present in previous iterations of the controller. Microsoft have even included a nice set of images to show users if their XBOX One controller is compatible. Though the controller of the One and the One S look essentially identical, there are a few aesthetic changes to the front of the device to help represent the new Bluetooth support.

So far, the only game which supports the controllers on Gear VR is Minecraft, but Microsoft has promised that is is eventually going to be able to support “all controller-supported Gear VR games” withing the coming months. This means your favorite title may be updating to integrate more intuitive controls in the near future, which is great news for many users.

Though Oculus has already partnered with Steelseries to provide a third party remote compatible with the Gear VR, Microsft’s XBOX One controller is widely regarded as one of the best available on the market, and should be a treat to play with.

Do you have an XBOX One S controller? Looking to pick one up due to the news?


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