Xiaomi Mi VR headset makes its debut in China for $29


The Xiaomi Mi VR smartphone headset is the latest entry by the Chinese mobile technology company to enter the already crowded virtual reality market. This new headset, which works with several of Xiaomi’s phones, is now available in its native country for the price of ¥199 ($29).

The headset will work with the just announced Xiaomi Mi Note 2 smartphone, along with the company’s Mi 5, Mi 5s and Mi 5s Plus devices. The Mi VR is also the successor to the Mi VR Play Edition headset, which was first revealed in August. The company says the new Mi VR has a hardware-level motion sensor that is 16 times more sensitive compared to the one found in the Mi VR Play, and it also features 16ms latency and a 9-axis inertial motion controller. The company claims all of these features and improvements will work to keep motion sickness down to a minimum for hardcore VR gamers.

Xiaomi has yet to reveal when the Mi VR will become available outside of China, but it’s clear that the company wants to put it own stamp on the already crowded virtual reality trend. What do you think of the Xiaomi Mi VR?


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