YouTube to stream Republican and Democratic conventions in 360 video


360 video is a new technology that is finding more uses by the day, and now YouTube are utilising it to stream the Republican and Democratic conventions.

The benefit of 360 video over standard shot coverage is the immersive field of view that is offered, so your view isn’t restricted to one angle. YouTube has been experimenting with and has offered support for 360 video for a while. Broadcasting the conventions in full circle coverage should make things a little bit more interesting.

Look out for coverage from The Young Turks, Complex News, Seeker Daily, Ingrid Nilsen, Mark Watson, Julie Borowski and more. These creators, along with other news organizations, will report back to their communities using new tools including mobile live streaming and Jump VR cameras, so you will have nonstop coverage from a variety of perspectives.

YouTube plans to cover even more events by putting content creators to work at other conventions.

You’ll be able to check out live streams of the Republican convention starting July 18, as well as the Democratic convention that starts on July 25.

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