ZeniMax files a court request to block Oculus from using its code

ZeniMax Media, which a few weeks ago convinced a jury to award it $500 million in its lawsuit against Oculus, is taking the company to court once again. This time, the game developer and publisher has asked a judge to place an injunction against the Oculus Rift VR headset maker, so it does not use any code owned by ZeniMax.

According to Reuters, ZeniMax made the request in the same court in Dallas that previously was the location for the trial against Oculus and its parent company Facebook. The jury in that case ruled that Oculus did use code owned by ZeniMax without its permission. Now ZeniMax wants the judge in that court to rule that Oculus cannot use its code.

If the injunction is granted, that could spell trouble for Oculus. The code in question was offered by the company to VR game developers so they could create titles for both the Rift and the Samsung Gear VR headset. An injunction would mean that Oculus and Facebook would have to either pull the games that used the code from circulation, or pay what would likely be a large amount of money to ZeniMax. For its part, an Oculus spokesperson said it is sticking with its plan to appeal the original lawsuit and have its verdict overturned, adding that it was “legally flawed and factually unwarranted.”

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