ZeniMax increases damages from Oculus to $4 Billion

There’s quite a case happening right now between Oculus and ZeniMax Media, which claims that Oculus’ own Palmer Luckey stole vital information that led to the development of the Oculus Rift and was crucial to its success. In fact, the company is claiming that Palmer Luckey didn’t really develop the Oculus Rift at all, and that the entire foundation of the project was built upon work that John Carmack and other Zenimax employees were developing at the time. The case was finally brought to court just recently, with ZeniMax asking Facebook, who now owns the virtual reality company, for $2 Billion in damages. Now however, with the case finally about to go to the jury, ZeniMax has doubled the value they are seeking to the taste of $4 Billion.

Closing statements asking for the additional $2 Billion in damages asserted that vital information had been erased from Oculus computers immediately proceeding trial, which suggests a serious tampering of evidence. ZeniMax attorney Anthony Sammi asserted that original Rift headsets shipped to Kickstarter backers were running on software based on ZeniMax code, and was in no way developed by Palmer Luckey or Oculus.

Facebook’s legal team responded by saying that ZeniMax was just mad that they never saw the full potential virtual reality on the market, and that Oculus had indeed developed the software themselves. Facebook hired a forensic expert who claimed they did not see any evidence that Facebook was using ZeniMax code, and that the methods they had used in developing the software for the Rift were already known throughout the industry.

The case should be continuing deliberations until sometime next week, where the jury will come to their final decision. Either way, it should be a pretty tense week for both teams, especially since ZeniMax is asking for $4 Billion while Facebook bought Oculus for only $3 Billion.

Who do you think is flubbing in this case? Is Facebook covering up evidence? It’ll be up to the jury to decide.

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