Jury awards ZeniMax $500 million in Oculus lawsuit

It seems that the Oculus-ZeniMax case is finally coming to a close, and today a Texus jury has opted to award ZeniMax with a $500 million settlement agreement.

The decision comes after the jury found that Palmer Luckey failed to comply with the non-disclosure agreement he signed, fault which was then passed on to Oculus. At the same time, the jury also ruled that Oculus did not actually misappropriate the trade secrets that ZeniMax was proposing, which is why the fine was only 1/8 of what ZeniMax had originally asked for.

The case has been being deliberated for about two and a half days now, and was being tried in a US district court in north Texas.

This case is obviously still developing and we have yet to receive all of the details, but we will be sure to update you once we get more information.

If you were hoping to get filled in on the details of the case, check out our previous post here to see exactly what is going on with the 2 companies.

What do you think about the whole debacle? Is Oculus at fault or did ZeniMax make false claims? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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