Zero Latency to expand its “Warehouse Scale” VR experience with $7 million investment


We’re all familiar with the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. Both these headsets have a minimum required play space along with a maximum range the sensors can track to. Many people use extremely small spaces, while others devote a large room within their house to the technology. But what if your play space was as big as entire warehouse?

That’s the idea for Melbourne-based VR firm Zero Latency. The company has been bringing large scale VR experiences to consumers for over a year now, and has just landed an additional $7 million investment to expand its tech even further.

The firm started the project as a co-op VR zombie shooter shown off at public events, but has expanded its offerings to include a puzzle mode and space shooter game which now support up to six players at once. The company worked with Alienware to develop special backpack PC’s for the project, but could switch to just headsets if tetherless VR comes to fruition in 2017.

The investment could mean big things for the company in the coming year. Though they have already explored a number of possibilities for the technology so far, it would be fantastic to see things like stylized laser tag and other games come to the warehouse experience. Especially with HTC recently releasing a wireless Vive attachment and native wireless likely coming soon, we could see quite a bit of development in this industry in 2017.

Zero Latency is one of the only companies to do this so far, but we’re hopeful more players will join in on the fun soon. We’ve already seen such things as live VR theater, so it’s exciting to see more interactive applications making their way into the space.

Would warehouse-scale VR be something you would be interested in? I would definitely pay for something like that myself, and I hope it makes its way to the states soon.


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