ZOTAC will sell its high-end VR GO backpack PC in late 2016


After showing a prototype backpack PC designed for virtual reality gaming at Computex in June, PC maker ZOTAC has officially announced plans to sell such a product. The ZOTAC VR GO can also be used as a normal desktop PC as well.

The company is well known for its lineup of small mini-PCs that still pack a lot of hardware inside. Ars Technica reports that ZOTAC used that experience in order to make a packpack PC that was light enough to lug around for several hours, yet still have VR-capable performance.

Inside the case, there will be a custom motherboard with an unnamed Intel Core i7  processor, along with two RAM DDR4 slots, a slot for a SSD, and an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 GPU. The company claims it will also have its own cooling system to keep the CPU and GPU working right but details have not been revealed. It will also have its own battery pack for full movement VR gaming, but again ZOTAC has not announced the size of this battery nor how long it will run the VR GO PC.

ZOTAC has not revealed how much the PC weighs yet, and that will certainly be a factor in how this will work as a backpack device. Pricing has also not been discussed by the company, but it is supposed to go on sale sometime by the end of 2016. Hopefully by then we will get some color if this PC is just a gimmick or if it will be a whole new way to experience VR gaming.


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