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Patrick Hearn

Patrick's Posts

VR Isn’t Just About Games: 5 Unique Uses for VR

Various industries, educational institutions, and many other entities are using virtual reality to revolutionize the way people approach the world. Here are some of the most interesting ...
by Patrick HearnOctober 27, 2016

The Most Common Oculus Rift Problems and How to Fix Them

We've rounded up the most frequent issues you may encounter with the Oculus Rift, and how to fix them so you can spend less time troubleshooting and more time immersed in the realm of VR.
by Patrick HearnOctober 24, 2016

Vive Cable Management: How to Avoid Tripping on the Cables and Breaking Your Immersion

While tripping on the HTC Vive cable isn't as big of a concern as you might think it should be, here are some tips on how to prevent it from ever being an issue.
by Patrick HearnAugust 18, 2016

The best upcoming HTC Vive Games (August 2016)

Join us as we take a look at the best upcoming HTC Vive games!
by Patrick HearnAugust 16, 2016

Best VR films (August 2016)

We take a look at ten of the best films being produced for VR. Keep in mind that some of these are already available, while others are still in works.
by Patrick HearnAugust 10, 2016

These are the best VR-ready desktops (August 2016)

Take a look at some of the best VR-ready desktop PCs on the market right now.
by Patrick HearnAugust 10, 2016

Best VR Cameras

With Virtual Reality becoming ever more-popular, it's no surprise that VR cameras have followed and with loads available, here's our picks for all budgets.
by Patrick HearnJuly 21, 2016

Best Free VR Games

Who doesn’t like free games? I mean, think about it: after buying the gaming PC, the VR headset, and in some cases, a dedicated space for gaming, who has money left to ...
by Patrick HearnJuly 20, 2016

Best Samsung Gear VR Apps and Experiences (July 2016)

Join us as we take a look at some of the best Gear VR apps and experiences available right now.
by Patrick HearnJuly 8, 2016

Sony confirms Playstation 4 is getting an upgrade model, but we won’t see it at E3

Sony has confirmed that the Playstation 4 is getting an upgraded model but that it won't be debuting at E3 2016.
by Patrick HearnJune 10, 2016
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