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The Bridge mixed reality headset brings positional tracking to the iPhone

The Bridge mixed reality headset is a mobile VR device optimized for iPhones. It brings both virtual and mixed reality via special spacial cameras atop the headset.

Magic Leap may have oversold its mysterious AR technology

A new report has cast doubts that the technology developed by augmented reality company Magic Leap will work as promised.

Google Cardboard – everything you need to know

We take a look at Google Cardboard and tell you everything you need to know from where to get it, what games there are, and more.

HTC launches “Vive Studios” to highlight the open VR standard

There has been quite a bit of drama in the past few months surrounding companies such as Oculus due to their funding of “hardware exclusive” titles. There is a lot of positive and negative reasoning to be made regarding these practices, but HTC seems to think that keeping VR an open platform is the way to go. Because of this, they have announced Vive Studios, a game studio that highlights the benefits of the Vive platform, but allows the games to be played on other devices if they happen to work there as well. Best Oculus Touch games (December 2016) Best HTC Vive games (December 2016) The first game to be released by the studio is a title called Arcade [...]

Microsoft announces spec requirement details for its new VR headsets

Microsoft has just announced the official specifications necessary for it's VR headsets launching next year.

Best Oculus Touch Games (December 2016)

These are the best Oclulus Touch games you can get today.

Zero Latency to expand its “Warehouse Scale” VR experience with $7 million investment

Warehouse-scale VR company Zero Latency have received a $7 million investment to expand on its team-based virtual game selection.
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