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Here’s why the Oculus Rift didn’t launch with the Touch controllers

Oculus say that they could have shipped the Touch controllers that compliment the Rift headset when the VR headset launched but chose not to.

VR studios prefer Vive to Rift for game development

Developers are flocking to the HTC Vive instead of the Oculus Rift to create their virtual reality experiences.

PlayStation VR sets new sellout record at GameStop

During the latest pre-order event of the PlayStation VR at GameStop, the rate in which customers ordered it set a new record.

HTC Vive now available on monthly purchase plan in UK

The HTC Vive is anything but affordable, especially when coupled with the cost of a high-end PC to support it, but now the VR headset can be financed on a monthly payment plan.

How does Virtual Reality work?

How does virtual work, both in the mobile and desktop realm? What's all involved? Join us as we take a closer look.

Best Buy expands Oculus Rift and PSVR headset demos to ready up for the holiday season

Best Buy is expanding its Oculus demo locations to 500 stores. 200 PSVR stores as well!

Daydream VR will debut “in coming weeks” with big Google content push

Google is looking to make Daydream the best mobile VR platform available. When the platform arrives in the coming weeks, it will have a lot of Google sponsored content.
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