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Got yourself a brand new HTC Vive? It is among the best VR experiences your hard-earned money can buy, but getting the $800 device is only part of the deal. You must also get a compatible gaming computer and your respectable accessories to complete the experience appropriately.

Today we are here to help you find some of the best HTC Vive accessories there are to find. Shall we jump right into the details?

HTC Vive Deluxe Audio Strap

We know some of you are very picky about audio and probably have your favorite headset, but if what you need is convenience and full integration the HTC Vive Deluxe Audio Strap is your best bet.

This strap comes with headphones, making audio as integrated as it can get. You no longer have to fumble around the desk to find your headphones, simply put the Vive on and you are ready to experience a whole other reality. It features an adjustment dial, hard-sided construction, height/angle adjustment and improved cable management.

Interested? The HTC Vive Deluxe Audio Strap is now available on Amazon for $99.99.

TPCast Wireless Adapter

One of the Vive’s main advantages is that you can walk around a pre-determined area and experience VR in a location-aware environment. But the device also has to be tethered to a computer, which usually means having to stumble over cables.

The TPCast is here to solve this issue by turning the HTC Vive into a wireless unit. It simply creates a cable-free connection between your PC and your Vive. And we know what you are thinking – is latency going to be horrible? Reports claim lag is nearly unnoticeable, and battery life is great at about 2 hours on a full charge.

The only downside is it does come with a high $249 price point. Amazon has a listing for the TPCast in the US, but at the moment it is currently unavailable. We will update this post when it goes back on sale.

HTC Vive Tracker

This is technically still a developer product, but it is worth mentioning because it is expected to come to the general market later this year. Not to mention the fact that it can make a huge difference for the VR experience.

Essentially, the Vive Tracker can turn any item into a controller. This unit can be attached to any real-life object, giving developers the freedom to bring real-life things to life in a virtual world. It can work with baseball bats, gloves, fake guns and more.

The Vive Tracker is priced at $99, but at the moment, HTC does not have any available on its Vive site, and it’s also not available on Amazon. Again, we will update this post when it goes on sale once again

HTC Vive Nose Rest

This accessory does exactly what its name entails – provide extra support for your nose to carry the weight of the HTC Vive headset. It’s only $12.99, which is a worthy purchase for the added comfort.

HTC Vive Controller

The official HTC Vive Controller is also available as a separate product, for those of you who lose or break one that comes with the headset. Amazon is currently selling them for $129.99.

VR Cover HTC Vive Face Foam Replacement

The HTC Vive’s face foam is what your body will be in contact with most of the time. This means that wear and tear should be higher than usual in this area of the device, which means there will be a more constant need for replacement.

Not only that, but these specific face foam replacements are said to offer a better field of view, improved comfort and easier cleaning. A pack of two will also cost $29, which won’t break the bank.

HTC Vive 3-in-1 Cable

The official HTC 3-in-1 cable is designed to combined the required HDMI, USB, and power cords needed for the Vive into one cord. As with the controller, this accessory is usually needed if the cord that comes with the headset is lost or becomes damaged. Amazon is selling it for $39.99

HTC Vive Base Station

Two official Base Stations for the Vive are also included with the headset, but in case one of them fails, you can get a stand alone replacement. The Base Station is designed to track the movements of the headset for room-scale VR apps and gaming. Amazon is currently selling it for $134.99.

Leap Motion

The Leap Motion adds another level of control to your VR experience, allowing users to simply utilize their hands and fingers. Imagine being able to simply reach out to virtual objects as you would in real life. The Leap Motion makes this possible at a price as low as $79.99.

So that’s that. Looking for more? Be sure to check out our general guide for the best VR accessories. Got any other accessories you would recommend? Hit the comments to share your 2 cents with fellow readers!


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