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IDC Confirms Meta’s Dominance in the VR Market

If you pay attention to Steam’s monthly survey of hardware and software usage, then you know that the Meta Quest 2 headset has the greatest market share of all VR headsets—by a wide margin. Now, new data from the International Data Corporation (IDC) Worldwide Quarterly Augmented and Virtual ...

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Why Did Nintendo Virtual Boy Fail?

Source: Dokokade More than two decades before the release of the Oculus Rift headset, virtual reality gaming was about to take off big time, but the dreams and hopes of many gamers came crashing down because the Nintendo Virtual Boy couldn’t deliver on its promises. What Is Nintendo Virtual ...

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Virtual Reality Training Improves Mental Well-Being

Source: Pexels More and more research shows that the applications of virtual reality go well beyond entertainment. Now, a study published by researchers from Tohoku University's Smart-Aging Research Center (IDAC) suggests that virtual reality training can improve mental well-being. The study ...

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Meta Launches Its First Avatar Clothing Store

Source: Meta Meta is firmly determined to bring its hazy vision of the metaverse to life. Instead of nicknames and profile pictures, metaverse users are supposed to be represented by 3D avatars, and what does every avatar need? Designer clothes! At least that’s what Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg ...

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STEPVR Announces Its Omnidirectional Motion System

Source: STEPVR Today’s virtual reality experiences achieve immersion by stimulating the senses of sight and hearing. Guo Cheng, the founder of STEPVR and Delft University of Technology alumnus, believes that at least one additional sense needs to be stimulated for VR to live up to its promises. ...

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