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Most of us love roller coasters, but going to a theme park is both expensive and takes up a huge amount of time. Not only do you have to commit to travel to a far away place, but you’ll have to start waiting in lines for hours on end just to have the chance to get on a couple of short rides. With the advent off virtual reality, we can change all this by allowing us to experience the twists and turns of a roller coaster from the comfort of our home.

Okay, this isn’t going to be as exciting as a ‘real’ rollercoaster, but some certainly do a better job of simulating the experience than others. So what are the best roller coaster apps for the headset you have sitting on your desk? Let’s find out.

Oculus Rift

Atlantis: Infinite Coaster

Price: FREE

Though the developer of this title considers it a demo, Atlantis: Infinite Coaster offers endless hours of roller coaster fun by randomly generating the tracks of which you will be riding along. The backgrounds of the game are based on cityscapes placed along the huge ocean that the tracks are generated atop, so you’ll always have something interesting to look at as you twist and turn your way around corners and loops. Wind your way through randomly generated cities and feel the thrill of heights with the completely free title.

Influx: Volcano Coaster

Price: FREE

Have you even wanted to travel through the bowels of the earth at high speeds as if you were in Journey to the Center of the Earth or Lord of the Rings? Influx: Volcano Coaster wants to enable you to do just that. The experience is based on the game Influx, and had one of the levels edited to allow for some fast-paced coaster-ing action. The title was developed in Unreal Engine 4, so it features extremely realistic visuals and textures that one can come to expect from the engine. There are a number of beautiful scenes to take in during your ride, including shining crystals and bright molten lava. This title is totally free as well, so don’t expect anything with a million features, but it should still be good enough to curb your roller coaster addiction and be quite the looker at that. Check it out.

No Limits 2: Roller Coaster Simulator

Price: $39.99

Though you might think $40 is a lot to pay for a VR roller coaster simulator, No Limits 2 takes your customization aspirations to a whole new level, enabling you to edit almost every aspect of the simulation. From changing up the terrain to switching around the look of your coaster and seats. You can change the look of just about every aspect of the coaster with the control panel, and the coaster editor is one of the most intricate available. There are a number of different special effects you can implement into your experience as well, including ambient occlusion, ambient lights, depth of field, and even HDR. Whatever your aspirations for your VR roller coaster, you can likely make it a reality with this title.

HTC Vive


Price: $19.99

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if you could take Minecraft and merge it with a roller coaster simulator? That’s the idea behind Chunks. Though the VR roller coaster game is still in early access, it is very much playable, allowing you to construct huge roller coasters and terrain from the viewpoint of a god-like figure, then shrinking down to the size of a small character to actually ride them. If you don’t like the coaster you’ve been building, you can use a cannon to blow it to smithereens. The game was developed by Facepunch Studios, the same team that developed Rust. If you’ve been looking for an alternative to Minecraft VR which focuses on riding and developing block-style coasters at a rapid pace, this title is certainly worth a look.


Price: $4.99

Roller coaster simulators are cool, but don’t you wish they were a bit more interactive? With Rollerforce, you won’t only only be riding the roller coaster, but also shooting out of it, blasting your way through 10 levels and 2 completely different worlds. This game is meant to be a lot more fast-paced than most coaster simulators, requiring you to look around and aim at various obstacles while gliding along at massive speeds. The worlds you’ll be traversing are bright and beautiful, with glowing neon tracks and realistic obstacles to shoot through. Utilizing realistic rocket physics to shoot open objects and pathways, this title should be a blast for those looking for a big adrenaline rush. For only $4.99, it’s certainly worth a look. Check it out.

Ultimate Booster Experience

Price: $4.99

Though this game does not exactly take place on a roller coaster, it emulates many of the same feelings using huge drops on swings and bungee jumps. Surrounded by a modern city, vast desert, or a number of different landscapes, you can fly through the air in a huge hot air balloon, glide through the eyes of an eagle, or blast off in a specialized rocket. There are so many different fast-paced experiences in this game, you’ll likely have a hard time deciding what to do. Either way, you’re sure to get quite a unique experience, and should be able to get hours of fun out of this title. If you’re an adrenaline junkie who loves the feeling of falling, you’ll definitely need to check this out.

Google Cardboard

Cedar Point VR

Price: FREE

Cedar Point VR is a free Google Cardboard experience meant to emulate the new Cedar Point roller coaster Valravn from the comfort of your own home. While the graphics in this title aren’t going to be as high quality as something on an Oculus Rift or HTC Vive, it’s a pretty good replica of what the ride is actually like at Cedar Point itself. The twists and turns of this ride do a great job of representing what you would experience at the actual location, so make sure you check it out. At the price of free, there’s no reason you shouldn’t take a look.

VR Roller Coaster

Price: FREE

VR Roller Coaster is just as it says, a colorful VR roller coaster. It takes place in a city area with a number of loops, twists, and turns, immersing you in a fast paced ride that is just as exciting as any other game on Cardboard. While there likely isn’t anything particularly special about this title save the nice city scenery and multiple loops, you might as well give it a try, as it may surprise you in the most wonderful of ways. Go have a look on Google Play.

Darkness Roller Coaster VR

Price: $.99

Darkness Coaster VR soars users through dark graveyards and fantasy lands. The eerie experience allows you to choose your own path, with various different world to explore. This app is similar to the short graveyard rides that you experienced at your local fair, and has over 7 minutes of attractions to enjoy. The title is also 50% off at the time of writing, and $.99 is not much to pay for a spooky experience you would get at a theme park. Check it out on Google Play.

So that’s our list. Know of any other great VR roller coaster experiences worthy of being placed here? Let us know in the comments.

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