Flirtual Is a Dating App for VR Users

Source: Flirtual

People have been forming relationships in virtual worlds since the dawn of online multiplayer games. With virtual reality, the worlds where people can meet and get to know one another have become significantly more immersive and life-like, and the avatars that represent those who visit them have as well.

It’s now easily possible for two real people represented by detailed virtual avatars to meet in a specific part of the metaverse, let’s say a coffee shop in VRChat, and talk about their interests, aspirations, and experiences.

What’s not so easy is for two VR users who are interested in meeting new people to find each other. Sure, there are various Discord servers dedicated to VR dating, but not many VR users know about them.

Flirtual is a dating app created specifically to main VR dating more accessible. Instead of pictures of real people, it uses avatar profiles to emphasize the importance of personality and shared interests.

The original creator of Flirtual, Kyle Farwell, has first-hand experience with VR dating because that’s how he found his partner. Since Kyle created the first version of the app, the Flirtual team has expanded significantly, and the same can be said about the VR dating scene itself.

“Why are we doing this? Because VR has changed our lives. Honestly. It’s helped us come out of our shells, meet some of our best friends, survive quarantine sane, and fall in love,” writes the Flirtual team.

You can get Flirtual on Google Play and the Microsoft Store. The app doesn’t cost anything to download, but it does come with in-app purchases.

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