Georgia State University Creates Pioneering VR Business Program in Partnership with Arthur

Georgia State University and Arthur
Source: GSU and Arthur

The pandemic has deprived students of valuable opportunities to enroll in various study abroad programs as most countries have implemented strict travel restrictions and, in some cases, completely switched to remote learning.

Determined to keep its popular business program as hands-on as possible, Georgia State University (GSU) has recently partnered with Arthur, a pioneering virtual reality (VR) office space provider that helps businesses create large-scale virtual offices with advanced fully immersive collaborative environments.

Together, GSU and Arthur have created a course fit for the age of remote learning, making it possible for international business students to study abroad in Central America during the COVID pandemic without even leaving their homes.

The course, taught by Dr. Evaristo F. Doria, is called “Management in Central America: Panama & Costa Rica. A Virtual Learning Experience,” and it uses Arthur’s VR platform to free students from COVID restrictions, giving them the flexibility and freedom they need to gain essential experience.

“Arthur’s donation to our course was pivotal to the students’ learning experience. Originally planned as a study abroad program, these students learned to pivot amid the pandemic and use VR office spaces that real companies utilize in their day-to-day. This experience increased the level of students’ engagement versus traditional video conferencing,” said Dr. Doria.

In addition to allowing students to engage globally and learn about new international business practices without leaving their homes, Arthur’s VR platform makes it easy for educators to collect useful metrics that help them improve the quality of the provided learning experience.

Arthur was able to draw from its wealth of experience acquired when working with top-tier companies and international organizations, including the United Nations and Societe Generale. The VR office space provider also donated eight Oculus Quest 2 headsets for the students and Dr. Doria to use.

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