Microsoft Could Be Working on VR Headset for Xbox Series X/S

An update for the VR headset is available
Source: IGN Italia

While Microsoft has yet to officially announce a VR headset for its Xbox Series X/S video game consoles, a recent leak published by IGN Italia hits that the company could be planning to release one soon.  

Giovanni Marrelli, a videogames editor at IGN Italia, was greeted with the following message when trying to install his new Xbox Wireless Headset: “An update for the VR headset is available.” Realizing that the message could be the first allude to possible VR support for Microsoft’s latest generation of consoles, he quickly grabbed his smartphone, took a picture, and shared it on the internet.

Of course, the message could just be an unfortunate mistranslation of an English original into Italian since only the letters “VR” are out of place, and the term “headset” applies both to virtual reality goggles and audio headphones.

What we know for a fact is that Microsoft has, at one point, stated that the company had updated the Xbox One X to support “high fidelity virtual reality experiences,” but the console eventually shipped without any VR support.

Prior to the release of the Xbox Series X/S, Phil Spencer, the current executive vice-president of Gaming at Microsoft, said that the two consoles wouldn’t support virtual reality at launch, but he expressed his hope that they would in the future.

Microsoft certainly has a wealth of experience with VR headsets for Windows. The company is responsible for the development and manufacturing of its mixed reality smartglasses, called HoloLens, and it has played a significant role in the development of the HP Reverb G2, a high-resolution VR headset praised for its impressive picture quality.  


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