Miniature Painting Is Our New Favorite Thing to Do in Demeo

Demeo Miniature Painting
Source: Resolution Games

This year in February, Resolution Games released a content update called Heroes’ Hangout, introducing an all-new social hub for adventurers.

Heroes’ Hangout turned out to be a major success, and many players were asking for more playful activities outside of the main game, and that’s exactly what Resolution Games has delivered in its latest update.

The start of the show is a new mode called Miniature Painting. As its name suggests, this mode allows players to gather around a table with brushes in their hands and create their very own works of art.

There are all types and sizes of brushes to choose from, and picking a color to paint monsters from Demeo with is as easy as touching a virtual color palette.

To make miniature painting sessions even more fun, the Heroes’ Hangout social space now features a boombox and a selection of cassette tapes with tunes that are guaranteed to give you 80s nostalgia.

If jamming to catching songs isn’t your thing, then perhaps the addition of new lore books that you can read to get to know the monsters and masters of Demeo better will be more to your liking.

Resolution Games has also improved player settings, making it possible to choose from seated or standing options and free movement or teleportation.

A new complete Demeo adventure, Curse of the Serpent Lord, is set to launch on June 16 for VR and PC, and VRSource will be among the first to tell you more about it, so stay tuned.

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