Nreal Air AR Smart Glasses Combine Style with Technology

Nreal Air smart glasses
Source: Nreal

Does the idea of being able to watch a movie on a large screen in a park or on a sunny beach sound appealing to you? If so, then you should know that Chinese company Nreal has recently announced new AR smart glasses, the Nreal Air, capable of projecting a massive virtual screen up to 201 inches in size.

The design of the Nreal Air shares many similarities with the Ray-Ban Stories, which Ray-Ban created together with Facebook to make capturing and sharing everyday moments effortless.

However, design is also the only thing the Nreal Air have in common with the Ray-Ban Stories. The Air are meant to be used while feathered to an iOS or Android smartphone, and they feature a micro-OLED display with a pixel density of 49 PPD and a refresh rate of 90 Hz. The cutting-edge display gives them the ability to project content on a virtual display that measures 130 inches when viewed from 3 meters or 201 inches when viewed from 6 meters.

Despite their impressive multimedia playback capabilities, the glasses weigh only 2.72 ounces (77 grams), which is 27 percent less than the Nreal Light (3.74 ounces/106 grams), which the company released in 2019.

Nreal Air build on our Nreal Light offering and furthers our mission to spread AR globally. With Nreal Air, we’ve zeroed in on the perks of a portable movie theater and condensed this into lightweight AR sunglasses with a zero-footprint display, while making it affordable,” said Chi Xu, Founder of Nreal.

The Nreal Air AR smart glasses are set to launch in Japan, China, and South Korea later this year, and rollout to other markets will continue through 2022. We don’t know how much money the glasses will cost, but Nreal promises that it will be a fraction of the price of Nreal Light.

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