VRidge allows you to play high-end VR games on smartphones

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Developer RiftCat has created a VR client which aims to deliver high-end virtual reality gaming using a smartphone as the display. The VRidge software can be installed on a PC or Laptop system allowing you to mirror gaming content on your Android or iOS device.

Providing your PC system meets the requirements of VR games, you can use VRidge to play titles otherwise only playable on the likes of the Oculus Rift or HTC Vive – thus removing the purchase cost of one those devices.

The software makes use of the smartphone’s in-built sensors to determine the head position, though interaction is limited to mouse and keyboard for the time being (those in RiftCat’s developer community are said to be working on motion-sensing functionality, however.)

The full version of VRidge costs $15, but RiftCat recommends that customers download the free trial – which limits gaming sessions to 15 minutes – first to ensure it’s compatible with their smartphone and computer system. Check it out over at the RiftCat.com.

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