Roblox Is Getting Its First Line of Hearing Aids from Soundly

soundly roblox hearing aids

With the start of every school year, kids often feel anxious about anything that makes them feel different. This is especially true for the 34 million children globally with hearing loss, who have a higher risk of bullying than their peers. 

While we’ve made some strides in the hearing health space (including last week’s FDA ruling on OTC hearing aids and the recent Barbie announcement) there is still much to be done to reduce the stigma around hearing loss, especially for young people. That’s why Soundly is setting out to change the conversation by helping kids feel seen in one of their favorite platforms, Roblox. 

On August 25, Soundly is launching the first line of hearing aids available on the platform. The collection of fun and fresh designs will give young people an opportunity to design an avatar that looks like them, with options they’re excited about. 

soundly roblox designs

The first round of the line will consist of six uniquely designed hearing aids that are inspired by the bright and whimsical accessories that are most liked in the player shop, including Pegasus Wings, Thunder Bolt and Smiley Face options. Players can purchase the hearing aids for $50 Robux, with 100% of the proceeds going to Unicef

Soundly is the first-of-its-kind hearing health marketplace that helps consumers find products, compare prices and connect to local care with the most robust consumer-friendly database of audiologists online. Aimed at modernizing the process of purchasing hearing aids by making it simple, transparent, and destigmatized, Soundly is the only place where customers can find over-the-counter and prescription hearing aids in the same place with transparent pricing. 

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