SteamVR recreates your PC desktop in virtual reality

Steam already offered the ability to bring your entire Steam library into virtual reality through their Desktop Theater mode, but now the company is taking it one step further and allowing everything your PC shows to be mirrored to a VR headset.

The Steam Desktop overlay pulls in everything that is shown on your PC desktop into its VR Dashboard meaning anything you can do on your Desktop, such as checking email and anything else you use a PC for, can now be done directly within the virtual reality space.

The HTC Vive controllers negate the need for any sort of mouse or trackpad either, with the Vive’s system button integrated to bring you directly to your desktop.

Whilst checking email is the obvious and most basic use of this feature, the possibilities are limitless and could even be used for collaborating through applications like PowerPoint, or workflow sharing.

In addition, there is also now a workshop to allow you to share StreamVR backgrounds with other users using the Lot Long format and uploading them directly via the workshop option in the SteamVR menu. Other users will then be able to view, rate, and download your backgrounds for use within the VR Dashboard.

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