Apple’s support of AR and VR technology could mean big things for the industry

Apple has officially announced support for AR and VR applications at its latest WWDC, which could have huge potential for the technology as a whole.

Oculus is staying quiet about support for MacOS

Apple has just announced support for virtual reality applications, but Oculus is staying quiet regarding hardware support.

Apple is finally supporting PC VR headsets with new iMacs and SteamVR

Apple has announced it plans to support PC VR headsets with a new selection of Macs, along with adding support for SteamVR.

The 2018 version of the Mac Pro might finally bring VR headsets to MacOS

Apple is preparing to launch an all-new version of the Mac Pro desktop in 2018, and its hardware might be able to handle VR headsets.

Apple CEO Tim Cook is more excited about AR than VR

In a recent interview, Apple CEO Tim Cook stated he is excited about the prospect of Augmented Reality for smartphones, and feels VR "closes the world out."

Apple patents new ‘Wearable Information System’ for AR applications

Apple has just patented a new 2-state technology which can help recognize interesting objects and relay augmented reality information to the user.

New Apple patent hints iPhone could get augmented reality mapping app

Apple has been granted a patent for an augmented reality mapping technology that could be coming to the iPhone in the future.

Apple granted another patent for AR technology

In the ongoing mystery of Apple showing signs of getting into the virtual reality arena, the company have just been granted yet another patent for its ...

Apple VR could be nearing production

Could Apple be jumping into the VR ring in the not too distant future?

Apple has a secret weapon in the form of VR

Apple may be looking to get into the VR world by creating their own headset.

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