Strategy and Puzzle Video Game “Pikmin” to Become Niantic’s Next AR Title

Source: Niantic Labs Niantic Labs, the video game developer behind Pokémon GO, has announced a partnership with Nintendo to develop an augmented reality ...

Nintendo President says the Switch may add VR if comfort issues are resolved

Nintendo says they would be interested in looking into virtual reality capabilities for the Nintendo Switch if they could make it comfortable to wear for ...

Pokemon Go readies for wider launch following success

Pokemon Go was such a massive success and has created such a buzz that Nintendo shares have rocketed in recent days. The AR app has only launched in the US, ...

Nintendo wants to make sure VR is safe for kids

Nintendo has reportedly begun testing to ensure that VR is safe for younger audiences, though they still remain noncommittal when it comes to using the ...

Nintendo of America CEO: VR isn’t ready for mainstream

According to Nintendo's CEO, the world isn't ready for VR just yet. Obviously we don't quite agree.

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