Sony Reveals 8K VR Headset Prototype with OLED Microdisplay

Source: Sony The pandemic has accelerated the demand for technologies that enable people to communicate and collaborate without the ability to physically ...

New Information About PSVR2 Leaks from Sony Developer Conference

Source: Sony YouTube channel PSVR Without Parole posted a video that reveals a lot of information (some of which had already been reported by other news ...

Sony’s Next-Generation PS5 VR Headset to Arrive in 2022 With OLED Display

Source: Sony Even though Sony is once again not taking part in E3, new information about its next-generation PS5 VR headset has surfaced from Bloomberg. ...

Sony Introduces Its Next-Generation VR Controllers for PS5

Source: Sony After teasing the next generation of its VR headset last month, Sony has now revealed on its official blog the controllers intended to ...

Sony Reveals Six PlayStation VR Games

Source: Sony Following the announcement of a new generation of PSVR for its PlayStation 5 video game console, Sony has just revealed six VR titles that are ...

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