Sony will update PlayStation VR headset with HDR passthrough support

The new PlayStation VR design, which will also the integrate the headset with its stereo headphone cables, does not yet have a release date.

PlayStation VR sales have now exceeded one million units

Sony has confirmed that sales of its PlayStation VR headset for its PlayStation 4 console have now exceeded one million units worldwide.

Breaking Bad will start the meth lab up again in an upcoming PlayStation VR experience

Sony will release a PlayStation VR experienced based on the acclaimed TV series Breaking Bad, headed up by the show's creator Vince Gilligan.

Sony has 220 new experiences in development for the PSVR

Sony says they are preparing 220 new experiences for the Playstation VR headset, bumping it from the 100-title library it has now to over 300.

Sony PlayStation VR headset sales reach 915,000 units since launch

Sony has confirmed it has sold a total of 915,000 PlayStation VR headset worldwide since the accessory for the PlayStation 4 launched in October 2016.

You can dance freely inside this PSVR music video

Sony has created a unique music video experience that allows the viewer to move around freely during the performance using a PSVR headset.

Sony could be working on improved PSVR tracking system

A recent Sony patent filing suggests the company may be working on a PSVR tracking system similar to that used by the HTC Vive.

Playstation 4 and Pro update brings external drive and VR movie support

Sony is updating its Playstation 4 and Playstation 4 Pro to the new version 4.5 software, which enables things like hard drive game streaming, 3D VR movies, ...

Customers are still lining up for the PSVR in Japan

Sony Playstation VR is having trouble meeting demand, especially in Japanese markets. Retailers are passing out lottery tickets to give consumers an ...

Resident Evil 7 Review

The highly anticipated Resident Evil 7 has arrived, giving us a full VR experience that shapes up to be one of the most exciting titles for the Playstation VR ...

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