Virtual Reality
Virtual Reality Training Improves Mental Well-Being

Source: Pexels More and more research shows that the applications of virtual reality go well beyond entertainment. Now, a study published by researchers ...

Virtual Reality Safety Tips for New and Experienced Users

Source: Pexels It doesn’t take much for a fun VR session to turn into an unplanned visit to the emergency room. When your brain is tricked into ...

Can VR Headsets Damage Your Eyesight?

Source: Pexels It’s estimated that there are more than 31 million VR headset users in the United States alone, and the number is expected to keep ...

South Korea to Use Virtual Reality to Evaluate Elderly Drivers

Source: Pexels The South Korean police want to evaluate the driving ability of elderly drivers using a virtual reality evaluation solution. The new ...

Children Rely on a Different Coordination Strategy in VR Than Adults

Photo by VARAN NM from Pexels Virtual reality has potential applications across practically all industries and sectors, including education. However, we ...

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