The Edge VR Brings Full Body Tracking to the Next Level

The Edge VR
Source: The Edge VR

Accurate full body tracking is an essential enabler of immersive virtual reality experiences, but traditional tracking technologies have their fair share of limitations, from requiring VR users to wear bulky harnesses to depending on expensive cameras that need line of sight to work properly.

Now, The Edge VR is bringing full body tracking to the next level with its groundbreaking magnetically tracked VR platform. The company’s founder & CEO, Adam Anfiteatro, has been developing electromagnetic tracking technology and proprietary alignment algorithms with his team for several years to achieve an advanced level of full body tracking and immersion.

“Six years of extensive research and experience in the VR industry have given us a deeper understanding of the current limited offerings and the potential beyond what has been accomplished so far,” said Adam Anfiteatro. “As an emerging technology, we fully appreciate the limitless possibilities virtual reality presents. After years of research and trial and error, we are excited to see all the pieces come together.”

Because The Edge VR’s electromagnetic tracking system doesn’t rely on cameras, line of sight isn’t required for it to work, and the virtual to physical alignment process can be completed quickly and with accuracy to within 5 millimeters.

Those who would like to experience first-hand what the future of VR body tracking looks like can do so by visiting the company’s first experience center in Croton-on-Hudson, New York, just north of New York City.

The center features a fully interactive and immersive multi-player VR gaming experience called The Edge of Space, which showcases The Edge VR’s proprietary magnetic tracking technology. The experience is approximately 25 minutes long, and it can accommodate up to three guests in a single group.

For more information about The Edge of Space and the technology behind it, visit The Edge VR’s website.

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