VR Events Provider Mesmerise Believes in Shorter, Task-Specific Sessions

Source: Mesmerise

A recent study has revealed something only a few VR users found surprising: working in virtual reality kinda sucks, at least with the technology we currently have.

But just because spending hours on end with a heavy headset strapped tightly to one’s face isn’t comfortable nor productive doesn’t mean that VR can’t be used to enhance specific tasks. At least that’s what VR events provider Mesmerise believes.

“We often caution the companies that we work with to think of VR as a ‘sometimes tool.’ Just like you wouldn’t do deep work all day from an iPad, we definitely don’t recommend spending an entire day editing spreadsheets or answering emails in VR,” says Andrew Hawken, CEO of Mesmerise. “But if you’re looking for the benefits of collaboration and co-presence without getting on an airplane, VR is an incredibly powerful tool.”

His London-based company, which was founded in 2016, helps deliver large-scale gatherings, events, and conferences in VR. Mesmerise provides friendly onboarding and offers hands-on support to bring people together even when they are physically separated by thousands of miles.

Mesmerise employs a growing team of storytellers, filmmakers, digital and audio designers, and software engineers. Their software already helps forward-thinking companies like Wells Fargo, Allianz, and Morningstar blur the lines between reality and imagination to empower their employees.

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