You Can Play Among Us in VR—If You’re Lucky

Among Us

Among Us, the 2018 hit multiplayer game in which players assume the roles of crewmates who have to work together to complete a variety of tasks before one or more Impostors can kill everyone aboard, is getting a VR port.

To make the VR version happen, original Among Us developer InnerSloth LLC has partnered with Schell Games, the developers of VR puzzle game series I Expect You To Die, one of the best-rated games of its kind on Steam and Meta Quest Store alike.

Among Us VR is currently in beta, and all players who would like to test it and provide their feedback are encouraged to sign up. Unfortunately, only a selected amount of people will be invited, so don’t wait too long otherwise you might not be invited.

To enter the Among Us VR beta program, you need to provide your email address and tell the game’s developers which VR headset/s you use. You also need to join a special Discord server created for the purposes of the beta program.

Unlike the original on which the new game is closely based, players will experience Among Us VR from the first-person perspective, which should make it even more interesting by limiting how much of what’s going on around them players can see at any given moment.

To enhance the social aspect of the game, the developers are adding a proximity voice chat feature, as well as an option to accuse a player of being an imposter by pointing a finger at them.

Among Us VR will be available on Meta Quest 2, Steam VR, PlayStation VR, and eventually even PSVR 2 when the game officially releases later this year.

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