Beat Saber Creators Beat Games Earned Almost $100M in Revenue Last Year

Beat Saber
Source: Beat Games

Beat Saber’s popularity has not waned since its initial release more than four years ago. The virtual reality lightsaber game continues to smash the charts and earn its creators massive piles of cash.

According to its recently released annual report, Beat Games, the studio behind Beat Saber, earned almost $100 million in revenue last year, making it the biggest game studio in the Czech Republic, its home country.

On PlayStation VR, Beat Saber became the most downloaded game for the third year in a row last year. The lightsaber-waving rhythm game has even attached some of the biggest music stars in the world, including Lady Gaga, Billie Eilish, LMFAO, and OneRepublic.

The trio of co-funders responsible for Beat Saber, Ján Ilavský, Vladimír Hrinčár, and Jaroslav Beck, are now working with more than 30 other people under the umbrella of Mark Zuckerberg’s Meta, which acquired the Czech studio at the end of 2019 for $1 billion.

“It is crazy that 4 years since we founded Beat Games, it became the biggest game studio in the Czech Republic with growth almost 65% from last year. The team is “slashing” it!!!! and thank you all for amazing support!!” wrote Beck on Twitter.

Within Facebook’s parent company, Beat Games belongs to the Reality Labs division, which also includes Oculus virtual reality products and other VR-related initiatives.

While Beat Games is the largest Czech video game studio in terms of revenue, it has a long way to go when it comes to profit, which was just $3 million. For comparison, Bohemia Interactive, the studio behind the ARMA series, reported an after-tax profit of $26 million last year.

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