Blaston Sets the Stage for Professional Esports Competition With a New Update

Blaston: Reloaded
Source: Resolution Games

Resolution Games, one of the world’s most prominent VR/AR games studios, has released a new update for its bullet dodger, simultaneously introducing new ways to play and setting the stage for professional esports competition.

Blaston: Reloaded, as the update is called, is the biggest expansion of the popular VR game Resolution Games has released so far. Here’s a brief summary of the goodies included in the update:

  • Weapon attachments: Blaston: Reloaded gives players the ability to personalize their arsenal in more detail than ever before by letting them equip weapons with all kinds of attachments that change the way they play.
  • New weapon: The update introduces the game’s first two-handed weapon, Luma, a bow capable of delivering spectacular damage. The bow comes with an unlockable skin that’s available to all Blaston players as a free gift through May 5.
  • New game mode: With the Blaston: Reloaded update comes a new seasonal game mode, called Street Brawl, where duelists enter the Scrapper’s Street environment for a long distance 1v1 showdown with restricted weapons.

In addition to introducing plenty of additional content, Blaston: Reloaded also feature-locks the game to ensure fair play for esports competition, setting the stage for future tournaments.

“While all content released to date will continue to remain a part of Blaston, future updates will focus on ensuring fair and balanced play to support the game’s growing focus on professional competition,” explains Resolution Games.

The first officially-sanctioned Blaston esports competition, Blaston VR Master League, is set to kick off this May, and players can already sign up at The competition was created in partnership with the leading VR esports organization, VRML.

“We’ve seen incredible growth in the VR esports space over the last five years, and things are just getting started,” said Alex ‘Nightfiree’ Tukey, Casting Coordinator and Board Member, Virtual Reality Master League. “We can’t wait to see how some of the top teams approach this one!”

Best of all, Blaston’s first esports competition will be accessible even to those who don’t own the game because Resolution Games has also announced that it will launch the Blaston Spectator app for PC on May 5 as a free download.

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