Crytek Teases the Sequel to VR Game ‘The Climb’

climb 2 game
Source: Crytek

Recently, The Climb Twitter account tweeted that the sequel to their successful VR game The Climb would be released soon.

“Prepare yourselves for an unforgettable experience. The Climb 2 is coming soon! We’ll share more information regarding the release date in the coming days,” the Tweet said.

The Climb was first released by Crytek for the Oculus Home on April 28, 2016, allowing players to climb seemingly impossible stone walls across three main areas: Bay, Canyon, and the Alps. The Climb 2 was revealed during Facebook Connect in September 2020. The game was supposed to release during the 2020 holiday season, but that never happened.

In just a few days, fans of the original will finally know a specific release date. We know that The Climb 2 will, just like its predecessor, be powered by CRYENGINE, the game engine behind Far Cry and Crisis. In terms of gameplay, players can look forward to more high-altitude thrills and beautiful vistas.  

In addition to mountainous environments, players will be able to experience what it takes to climb buildings and navigate vast cavers. Each of the game’s 15 maps is based on a real-world location in the USA, Europe, Arctic, and Southeast Asia.

To ensure ample replayability, players can compete for the top place on leaderboards or race against the ghosts of other players in asynchronous multiplayer. Those with a less competitive nature can enjoy the game in Tourist mode, which simplifies gameplay mechanics, allowing players to take in the game’s beautiful views without feeling their heartbeat skyrocket every few moments.

The Climb 2 will likely support Oculus Quest 2’s 90 Hz mode and hand tracking, but Crytek has yet to confirm this.

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