Doom 3: VR Edition Has Just Launched on PlayStation VR

doom 3 vr

DOOM 3: VR Edition is now available for purchase on the PlayStation Store for $19.99, offering PlayStation VR users a brand-new way to experience the 2004 classic horror-shooter.  

The VR edition of Doom 3 was developed in collaboration with Archiact, an award-winning virtual and augmented reality studio headquartered in Vancouver. The game features the campaign, whose continuous 30 levels are divided into three episode-like sections. Set in 2145, you play as an unnamed space marine holding the rank of Corporal who has to deal with the consequences of a failed teleportation experiment resulting in a gateway to Hell on Mars, causing a catastrophic invasion by demons.

Unlike the 2016 soft reboot of the franchise (known as Doom 4 during development), Doom 3 is a much more atmosphere-focus game that revolves around slow, methodical gameplay. While your reflexes and strategic thinking will still be tested as you encounter a variety of deadly demons, most of your time will be spent navigating eerily quiet corridors, searching for door keys to unlock new areas, and looking for well-hidden secrets.

Judging by early gameplay footage published on YouTube, it’s clear that the game’s graphics haven’t improved much since 2004. Facial animations are particularly lifeless regardless of whether you’re looking at an undead marine or a living and breathing scientist. Cutscenes are rendered inside a viewing window, which doesn’t really help with immersion but is an acceptable compromise.

What has been overhauled is the game’s sound engine, which now allows for a much more intimate delivery of sound effects. Gone is the HUD, and critical information such as your ammo count is now displayed directly on your weapons, while your health status can be found on your wristwatch—good stuff!


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