HTC Unveils Its New Enterprise Headset, the Vive Focus 3, Boasting 5K & 120° FoV

Vive Focus 3
Source: HTC Vive

Alongside the consumer-oriented Vive Pro 2, HTC has used its inaugural ViveCon 2021 event as an opportunity to introduce its new enterprise headset, the Vive Focus 3.

The Vive Focus 3 is the follow-up to the Vive Focus Plus, but it sports a refined design and greatly improved specifications to satisfy the needs and requirements of demanding enterprise customers.

“Vive Focus 3 heralds a new era of business VR—crafted for stunning visuals while also being durable and lightweight, with superior comfort and ease of use,” commented Graham Wheeler, general management for HTC Vive Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA).

More specifically, the Vive Focus 3 has dual 2.5K displays with fast-switching panels and RGB subpixels, offering users 5K resolution, a wider 120-degree field of view (FoV), and almost complete elimination of the screen door effect, a term used to describe visible lines separating pixels on most modern VR headsets

To make the headset both lighter and stronger, HTC Vive is using a magnesium alloy frame that promises up to five times better durability compared with traditional plastics. Since enterprise headsets are typically shared by multiple users, the Vive Focus 3 comes with a quick-release button that makes it possible to easily swap the magnetic front and rear face gaskets for easy cleaning. Interpupillary distance (IPD) can be adjusted between 57mm to 72mm, which should be more than plenty for most users.

“Our new VIVE Business solutions make it easier than ever for an organization to use VR, so whether it’s a small start-up or a multinational, everyone can benefit from the transformative potential of VR,” added Graham Wheeler.

The Vive Focus 3 is powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2 platform, and its swappable batteries can last up to 15 hours on a single charge and recharged back to 50% of their capacity in 30 minutes. The headset will be available from June 24th to enterprise customers for $1300. The price includes 24 months of Vive Business Warranty and Services.

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