HTC Vive now available on monthly purchase plan in UK

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The HTC Vive is anything but affordable, especially when coupled with the cost of a high-end PC to support it, but now the VR headset can be financed on a monthly payment plan.

At £759, the HTC Vive is one of the most expensive and the company are trying to help make that price point more affordable by offering it on finance. The idea was revealed during Insomnia58 event in Birmingham, UK, which took place this weekend. Game, a retail store in the UK who specialise in selling gaming equipment, are advertising that the HTC Vive is available from as little as £33 per month.

You lay down a 10% deposit, which equates to £75.90, and then pay 24 monthly payments of £32.79. Game will also take in your old console and games as trade-in against the purchase price of the HTC Vive to further reduce the overall cost.


It appears that the monthly payment plan won’t be limited to just the HTC Vive. The signage being used around Insomia58 refers to “Get VR” suggesting that the deal will be open to the likes of the Oculus Rift and PlayStation VR when they arrive. The Rift, for example, is estimated to cost around £549 so you can work out based on the Vive plan what the monthly payments may work out at.

Obviously two years is a long time to pay off anything, especially technology. With virtual reality advancing at the way it is, it may not be a great idea to take such a long time to pay off the purchase as it might get outdated quite quickly by a second generation VR headset. However, if you’re wanting the HTC Vive and don’t want to pay the whole price upfront, then the monthly option is certainly the way to go, and you can always sell it later to pay off the finance.


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